Have you ever sat in a meeting where all that is required is to have a clear message or position delivered and it doesn’t happen? I am often amazed at the number of meetings that are held where people feel that they cannot be direct, and by direct I don’t mean aggressive or offensive. I understand people have different learning and thinking styles, I even understand emotional intelligence but I do wish people would take the opportunity more often to be clear, decisive and understood. It’s good for business!

I was reading a HBR Blog written by Anthony Tjan “Have the courage to be direct” and he provided some insight into why people struggle to be direct. He believes the answer lies at least in part in the human tendency to avoid or massage the delivery of difficult or conflict-causing topics. The blog can be found using the following link

Clear, concise communication helps everyone. People can leave the meeting knowing what is expected; the current state of events; where they stand, and what needs to be done.