Welcome to our urgent assist page, designed to support your business and projects when things don’t go the way they should. Pick between one of the below and let’s start a conversation on how we can support you and get everything back on track.

Urgent Assistance Projects

Your project is over budget and very late. You need urgent support to fix the mess in less than ninety days or you will need to deal with unintended consequences.

Additional symptoms that your project requires urgent support:

  • Your project is running over or behind where it should be against time, cost or quality measures.
  • Milestones are not being met.
  • Deliverables & outcomes are not as you need them to be.
  • It is attracting increased risk.
  • Not delivering value to the organisation.
  • Urgently need your roadmap redefined.

Urgent Assistance Governance

Having problems applying compliance? standards? or risk management and business controls for your organisation?

Some of the symptoms to look for when you need urgent assistance with your governance:

  • Don’t have a governance framework or are having difficulty applying it.
  • Organisational structures & roles and responsibilities are poorly defined or not working.
  • Management controls are inadequate.
  • Poor organisational behaviour is an issue.
  • The six key elements of strategy, structures, process, people, technology and information are not aligned and delivering strategic objectives.
  • Risk exposure is escalating.
  • Decision bottlenecks cause delays and frustration.
  • There is confusion between leadership and management.