Evidence based organisations, in my experience have a defined way of being and doing. They collect and use data to assess elements such as performance, risk and effectiveness. They understand and have visibility of every business process that is in place and every project that is underway and its impact and the benefits that will be realised.

Leadership, management and collaboration is demonstrated across all functions and teams. But this doesn’t just happen by chance, every activity is considered and planned so values, expectations, interactions and practices drive the outcomes the business has set.

Evidence based organisations make sure they are collecting and using the right data to assess performance and drive high-quality team based decision making.

Having visualised and interactive business processes models available, the leadership teams can quickly gather evidence on what should be done, what is actually happening and what can be done. Each view is supported by qualitative and quantitative data.

Evidence based organisations tend to have high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Why? Because they understand where efficiency and effectiveness can be driven from. Decisions are based on trusted data and information.

Being evidence based helps to reinforce reflective thinking and practices. People become more engaged by what they do, the organisation becomes more confident in its ability to react and respond.

If you want to improve your organisations evidence management capability, email me and we can help you get started.

About the Author Jackie O’Dowd: Jackie delivers improved business performance; creator of the realising success Framework, and author of Connecting The Dots – The Blueprint For Strategically Aligned Business Performance. Jackie helps organisations to solve problems and improve organisational capability and performance. With extensive experience across multiple industry sectors such as Petroleum, Manufacturing, Health, Civil & Mining Services, Employment Services, ICT, Oil & Gas, Government and Professional Services, the results speak for themselves. Jackie works with organisations that want to realise their potential and get real sustainable results. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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