I often get asked the question “where should we start with our optimisation or transformation project”.  But before I get into the answer, let’s be clear about the positioning from the beginning. 
Optimisation is a project. To improve something, a system, process, performance etc.
Transformation is something else altogether, as it is a whole new way of being and doing.


Back to the answer. Where you start with optimisation is easy; it’s where you have your biggest pain point.  That could be your customer attraction, customer conversion, product or service delivery or you collection capability.  They are core capabilities that matter and can be improved and enhanced easily.


Transformation on the other hand often requires a change to your business model. This means that you may need one or many of the following.
*Your company structures
*Organisational structures
*Business processes
*How you collect revenue
*The overall experience of your customer

Transformation is a whole of business approach, whereas optimisation can be process or function based.


Once you have identified and clearly understand the problem to be solved you can assess your options.  How you start will depend on your capability, resources and timeframe and toolkit.  We use the realising success® Platform.

If you are looking to start optimising or transforming what you do, I recommend that you attend our one day optimisation and transformation master class.  It will help you within the following areas
*Define your scope
*Where you are at today
*The problem to be solved
*Understanding the things you need to consider in your future state design
*Gain clarity on what you need to do to implement, minimise risk and get results.

Knowing what actions to take is only part of the challenge that you face.  You need to understand when to move. You need to understand how to persuade your colleagues that you are working in their, and the organisations best interest.

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About the Author Jackie O’dowd: Jackie delivers improved business performance; creator of the realising success Framework, and author of Connecting The Dots – The Blueprint For Strategically Aligned Business Performance. Jackie helps organisations to solve problems and improve organisational capability and performance. With extensive experience across multiple industry sectors such as Petroleum, Manufacturing, Health, Civil & Mining Services, Employment Services, ICT, Oil & Gas, Government and Professional Services, the results speak for themselves. Jackie works with organisations that want to realise their potential and get real sustainable results. Connect with her on LinkedIn.