Building Strategic Business Performance April Session
with co-presenter Tom Meagher of Murfett Legal.

This month we will hold the first in a series of four workshop sessions that we have planned for this year. We are so excited to have Tom Meagher from Murfett Legal co-present at the sessions and share his valuable expertise and insight. The first session “Building Strategic Business Performance” will be held at The Function Centre Technology Park, Bentley on the 27th April. In this session we will outline:

  • The four key building blocks you will need to have in place.
  • Using a strategic performance framework as the vehicle.
  • Explain the importance of having the right business structures in place.
  • Show you how you can drive strategic performance.

Places are limited and are filling fast so if you haven’t booked your place — you better do it now.

New iTunes podcast channel

As part of our own digital presence we are pleased to announce the release of our iTunes channel — Connecting the dots….

One of the first episodes is on how to get the best out of your business transformation initiative. If you are considering improving or transforming your business then this episode is for you!

We would really appreciate your support, so please subscribe to our podcast channel and share the link with your tribe.

With disruption comes opportunity

There is little doubt that a large number of companies around the globe are experiencing increasing pressure as their traditional operating models are being disrupted. This is not exclusive to one industry or market segment and a very natural response can be to simply lock things down and minimise expenditure. Whilst executive teams need to be prudent they also need to look at the opportunities that surface as a result of this disruption taking place.

A fundamental capability of any business going forward is its ability to adapt and respond to change. With the pace of this change rapidly increasing, the problem will undoubtedly only become more difficult unless it’s addressed.

Know what you have. It is very difficult to change quickly if you don’t fully understand what you already have in place and the dependencies that your systems, processes, people and information have upon each other. This does not have to be a laborious, lengthy or costly project and nine times out ten can be completed using your own internal resources. Once you have this you can truly assess new opportunities as they arise with a high level of confidence and minimal risk.