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Business Transformation & Optimisation

The ability to respond quickly and react to a frequently changing business environment is something to which most companies aspire.

Change can be as a result of a merger, acquisition, divestment or in response to a changing market or technology. Since 2002 we have undertaken projects across multiple industry segments and multiple geographies to deliver successful change, every time. We do this through the use of our realising success® framework. If you think of this as a constantly adapting recipe that adapts to only consider the core ingredients that are readily available.

We engage with our clients in a way that works best for them. This may be through a direct consulting approach, a self service model where the client uses our on-line platform to work their own way through, or a combination of both. We exist to assist your successful transformation for as long as we continue to deliver tangible and commercial benefits to you.

We guarantee a return on your investment in us whilst we also impart decades of real world, practical and commercial experience to:

Deliver projects effectively

Deliver on strategy

Outperform Your competition

Deliver open communication

By driving alignment, you prevent unnecessary, late or ineffective projects to deliver them more effectively.

The realising success® framework allows you to identify and solve the actual problems in the business to help you avoid expensive mistakes.

Follow the blueprint to obtain clarity on the areas of your business that need improvement to deliver your strategic goals.

Define and develop a clear road map to where you want to go, and the change impact to get there.

By considering all aspects of your business, you will be in a better position to react and respond quicker.

You will have the edge in business by adopting an integrated approach.

Create a shared and common view of activities undertaken, when they are done, who is undertaking them and what information and systems are used.

Drive constructive dialogue and decisions to integrate silos and minimise politics.

We start the journey by aligning seven key elements within your organisation to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.


A good Strategy clearly articulates the goals that we are endeavouring to achieve with due consideration to resource allocation and timing. A well documented strategy forms the plan from which everything will be driven and we help you develop, communicate and align your Strategy.


Structures come in many forms including, legal, organisational, functional and operational. Without clear consideration of all of these and their complex interaction the best laid plans can be thwarted in delivering the strategy. A well documented organisational structure captures the interactions and dependencies along with the associated roles within them. Our experienced and passionate consulting team can help create and deliver structures that meet business demands to empower and deliver.


People and their role are typically the most complex aspect of any business from the Board Room to the Coal Face. Without clear definition, direction, communication and responsibilities of each role being defined, the individuals fulfilling that role will adopt a liberal interpretation as to how they will behave and deliver. Our team helps you to build organisational capability. By aligning effective structures with clearly assigned process responsibility and accountability we see significant improvement in outcomes and organisational performance.


We use business process models (BPM) to create a documented and agreed view as to activities that take place, the sequencing and resourcing. Inputs and outputs are clearly identified to create an unambiguous views of the activities within the a controlled environment. The process model provides the recipe for the way of being and doing within your organisation. Through our process intelligence we can capture over 100 key business insights to make better decisions on optimising and transforming your business.


Information within any organisation is an asset, however its only valuable if its current, complete and readily consumable. As most decisions are impacted by this core asset, effective decisions are directly linked to data quality. The ability to identify, cleanse and classify your data provides insights to comprehend, learn, decide and act with confidence.


Technology is a key enabler in any business, but investments can be wasted if technology is not deployed in a way where it can be easily applied and used. When looking to deploy new technologies we can help you define what you need, design how it will be deployed and optimise how digital technologies can enable future opportunities.


Governance is about accountability. Our team helps you design and implement an effective governance and accountability framework as governance is not a one size fits all. A sound, tailored and practical governance framework provides leadership and management controls that encompass activities such as risk management, ethics, culture, behaviour and compliance.

Out team can help you build the right governance and accountability frame for your organisation.

Drop us a quick note and we are more than happy to have a short chat about how we can assist you on your journey.

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